What Are Coilovers?

Coilovers are found on many vehicles, sometimes coilovers are used as a suspension option on new vehicles, many companies make aftermarket coilovers which give you different options to adjust the ride’s height and damping.

A coilover is a damper that with a coil spring around it assembled as one whole unit. The coilover springs keep the chassis from bottoming out, supports each individual wheel and reduces body roll when taking turns at a high speed, providing a smoother driving experience and last but not least Coilovers give the ability to adjust the height of your car, whether you want to roll low or off road style.

What Do Coilovers Do?

It’s simple, coilovers hold the weight of the vehicle, in this case they can help improve the driving experience by making your car feel more smooth as you drive it around, the stability and handling feel better when it’s compare with the stock shocks that all vehicles come with.

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