The History of Capes

One thing that is very clear when talking about the history of Capes, Superheroes and all things related to them is that during the time of the Roman Empire, these superheros could easily be found in the homes of the wealthy. This is because the Capes had become associated with what the rich citizens of Rome considered to be a symbol of pride, luxury, and wealth. Capes were so popular during the time period that they even appeared on coins and seals as well. As a result, they soon became the favorite costume choice of the rich and powerful during the Roman Times. However, even though the Capes did not originate in the actual Rome, there is no denying that they gained popularity much later when the Holy Roman Empire collapsed after the barbarian invasions.

With the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Christian faith started to take a big hold of the Roman society. This was also a time period when superheros like the Capes started to gain popularity among the masses. This gave birth to a new kind of Capes which included religious symbols as well as the religious implications of the superhero costumes. For example, the crucifix that was used as the cape’s emblem was actually the cross used by the Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. With this background, it is no wonder why the Capes, superheroes, and the entire genre of comic books took off and grew in popularity in the decades to come.

After the superheroes returned to the scene after the fall of the Roman Empire, the Capes of the period began to appear again and began to gain more attention from the public. In fact, during the early twentieth century, the cape was so popular that some Capes had actually been turned into a popular children’s cartoon character, called the Little Rascals. The history of capes is definitely an interesting one, and thanks to the many resources available today, we can learn a lot more about the early uses of the Capes as well as their many uses in literature and pop culture. So, for the history buff, a day at the library or on the web is the perfect way to learn about the Capes and their amazing long history.